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How to change your LiteBlue USPS Password?

How to change your LiteBlue USPS Password?

To change your LiteBlue USPS is quite an easy process. If you forgot your LiteBlue USPS password then go through the details given below.

As everybody is already familiar that in America USPS is the largest postal service. They serve the whole nation by offering different services and is providing a platform for almost 600,000 employees. They provide access to their employees to manage all their services on the web portal by LiteBlue USPS. Here in this article, you will come to know about the procedure of changing your USPS LiteBlue password if you want to make changes in it due to some reason or forgotten your password.

As the USPS is the largest postal service, so it has designed their own communication portal for their employees where the employees can easily access the services related to them and their job. Through the portal, you can access the details related to your salary, work, benefits, and retirement plan.


There may certain reasons that force the user to change his LiteBlue USPS password. Therefore, this post is for such users who wish to change their password and want to know the complete procedure about it. Go through the details provided below thoroughly.

Methods to Change LiteBlue USPS Password

As you know already that USPS allocate the temporary password and login credentials to their employees through the post using your mail address or via email straight through the department. Later on, users can change the password, which is suitable for them. The reason behind changing the password may be anything.

Therefore, to change the LiteBlue USPS password due to any reason the process is given below. There are two methods by using which user can easily change the password. You can adopt the one required for you. Go through the details given below for the complete guide:

Method 1:

Access the login page of USPS to start the process of changing your password. Follow the steps given below after directing towards the LiteBlue USPS login page.

  • Here you will see the field where you have to enter your Employee ID and USPS password.
  • Under the login section, you will see a link as “Forgot Your Password?” click on it.
  • Next, you will be directed towards the verification page where they will ask you about your Employee Identification Number (EIN). To make several changes in your account this number is important for you.

Note: Only the citizens of the USA who are the employees at USPS are allowed to access this service. If any unauthorized person will try to access the portal then certain legal actions will be taken against the identified user.

  • After providing, the required details click on the “Continue” button.
  • A new window will pop-up on the screen with the instructions to change the password. You will receive an email through a server on your verified email address this will help you to access the password reset page.
  • Next, you have to set a new password and confirm it before setting it finally.

Method 2:

Access the password reset page directly on the web by using this link and go through the instructions given below:

  • After accessing the page, here you have to provide your account’s Username.
  • The servers will match your provided information with the current account listings and after that; you will get an email verification link.
  • Go to your email inbox and click on the link provided to you.
  • In this way, users can easily access the password reset option.

By using these methods, users can easily access the LiteBlue USPS password change options. Moreover, if you have any query related to “How to Change LiteBlue USPS password” feel free to contact us at Litebluez.

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